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Letter from the President
 of the
 Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation

      I am pleased to welcome all Oklahoma citizens to the Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation website. This is your opportunity to share and appreciate the distinctive and gallant military history of our great state. From statehood through the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Gulf Wars, and the War on Terrorism, Oklahoma’s servicemen and servicewomen have played, and continue to play, a major role in the defense of our Nation. 

    OKMHF is a 501(c)(3) organization with an all-volunteer Board of ambassadors dedicated to finding and recognizing Oklahoma’s military heroes. This is a year-round operation and truly a labor of love. The OKMHF Team spends the entire year preparing, organizing, researching, searching for relatives, coordinating, sending out newsletters, seeking “home-grown” Medal of Honor recipients, conducting a selection review of candidates, and raising funds for the next Banquet Induction ceremony. The awards themselves are professionally rendered, including a detailed image of our logo in a ribbon-suspended bronze medal; a matted and framed citation adorned with beaded and leathered warrior feather; and a framed freehand pencil portrait of each honoree by one of our very talented artists. 

     Every year on or near the weekend celebrating Veteran’s Day, OKMHF presides over the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame’s annual Induction Ceremony and Banquet honoring nine individual military personnel or organizations who have demonstrated heroic gallantry in action, uncommon valor, sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty, or extraordinary leadership. These people define “Oklahoma’s Military Heroes.”

    OKMHF also takes this opportunity to honor an individual or organization for outstanding public service activities extending beyond their military service. The “MG Douglas O. Dollar Distinguished Public Service Award” is named for the founder and first president of the OKMHF and is presented to an individual or organization actively involved in the community promoting good citizenship, continued patriotism beyond military service, and providing assistance to Oklahoma’s veterans and families with the same exemplary dedication that has been the keystone of MG Dollar’s military and civilian careers. 

    When you attend the induction ceremony and banquet and learn of the profound military and civic accomplishments of these extraordinary men and women, be ready for an event you’ll never forget! You will be compelled to stand tall and applaud, your heart bursting with pride, and a tear in your eye with gratitude for what our honorees have done to preserve our freedom and liberties. These honorees make us proud to wear the uniform of the United States Military or to support those who do, and grateful to be a citizen of the great state of Oklahoma and the greatest nation in the world, the United States of America.


Colonel Jerry Shiles, US Army (ret)
President, OKMHF





2019 Inductees TR retouched

Class of 2019 Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame Inductees/Family Representatives

Front Row, L to R: CAPT Phillip Butler, CSM Wilson Hunt, Jim Wilson (family member of BrigGen Taylor), Mrs. Flora Taylor (widow of BrigGen Taylor), LCpl Harvey Pratt, SGT Jacob Roush (grandson of MAJ Dallas), Mrs. Rita Dallas (widow of MAJ Dallas)

Back Row, L to R: Frank Hogan (nephew of COL Rosemary Hogan Luciano), CPT Bill Ford, CDR Danny Glenn, Karon Redmond (niece of SGT Roy Harmon), Rev Mike Finley (friend of Col Johnson), Brian Whitaker (son of SGM Ira Whitaker), Richard Lewis (cousin of COL Rosemary Hogan Luciano), Maurice Lozier ( (nephew of SGT Roy Harmon)

Not shown: USS Oklahoma BB-37, Commodore Anthony Barnes and Mr. Dan Provo

Celebrating Oklahoma's Heroes

Our Mission: Honoring the men and women of Oklahoma who served in the Uniformed Services of the United States, demonstrating extraordinary acts of courage, heroism or gallantry, and who continue to serve our country and communities today.

The Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

2019 Banquet Information

2020 Banquet will be held at:

Embassy Suites Hilton, Norman, OK

Date: Saturday October 17, 2020

Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Online Registration Link (transaction fee included)Eventbrite Reservations and Donations 


Book Room online with Embassy Suites or call 866-577-1273

Book at Holiday Inn Express nearby or call 405-928-5300

Please check this site for changes.


Click to view: Class of 2019 Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame Inductees.pdf

CAPT Phillip Neal Butler, Navy
MAJ Mathew D. Dallas, Army
* CPT William "Bill" Leslie Ford, Army
CDR Danny E. Glenn, Navy
CSM George Wilson Hunt, Army
SGT Roy W. W. Harmon, Army, Medal of Honor Recipient
Col Milton W. Johnson, Air Force
Col Rosemary Hogan Luciano, Air Force/Army
* LCpl Harvey P. Pratt, Marine Corps
BrigGen Kenneth M. Taylor, Air Force/Army Air Corps
SGM Ira E. Whitaker, Army
USS Oklahoma BB-37, Navy
  * MG Douglas O. Dollar Distinguished Public Service Award

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Winners Circle 2019 v2